Your Upline Sucks!

Let us ask you this… Have you ever had a Sponsor that turned into David Copperfield?

Over the last week Toby and I have had the phones in our ears 24/7. Personally sponsoring 48 people in the last 5 Days… we’ve met a lot of new people.

As new Rockstars joined our team by the hour… we got to hear a lot of different stories from a lot of different people.

What Was the #1 Reason People Joined the Rockstar Team?

Aside from the fact that it’s a crazy low price right now, and we’re throwing in the most ridiculous bonuses….

Time and time again… it kept coming up, so we felt we needed to create a blog post to address this growing issue in the Internet/Network Marketing world. A lot of people are frustrated because Their Upline Sucks!

It seems to happen a lot in the Internet world of Network Marketing… a new Team Member forks out their credit card, signs on the dotted line… and then never hears from their sponsor again. They are left to figure out this Crazy Maze of Internet Marketing on their own.

So What is Our Opinion on Why Internet Uplines So Often Under Perform or Completely Disappear All Together?

  • A lot of these “Gurus” see it as a numbers game. Traffic to Conversions… Conversions to Sales. Sure if you’re an affiliate marketer… that makes sense. But as a Network Marketer you are dealing with a whole different world. These are PEOPLE, not just emails in a lead list.
  • Many Marketers turn to the Internet because they don’t like Traditional Style Network Marketing (Prospecting, Home Parties, Recruiting etc). They come on the Internet to build a downline so they don’t have to talk to people… you think that might be a problem?
  • Internet Marketers are easily distracted by shiny objects so you often see them jumping from opportunity to opportunity (We met a guy that had literally bought into 9 home based businesses in the last year)

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  • Mattie

    hey, I watched your video on famous in 60 days and it was amazing. I have to say I am a little over whelmed. I signed up on mlsp and I have no clue who my upline is with mlsp… in fact I thought it was just a training course and not mlm. I was just was searching ways to grow my business with doterra and I came across this with a leap of blind faith and dove in…. I am sooo terrified and would love to pick your brain if you have time for me.I just barley started my blog… like, yesterday… I just have a couple of questions on the groups on facebook now that they have changed it. Thank you so much for your wonderful videos, and your time.


  • Jamie

    You do see this a lot on the internet, but it also runs rampant in the offline world too, but you hit the nail on the head. When people view the sign up as a transaction, and not as the start of a mentorship relationship, it makes it easy for them to disappear.

    Great post!


  • Toby & Layla

    Anytime Graham… yeah, people are on information overload… without a COACH to show them a clear path.
    Recipe for failure.

    Thanks for the comment Graham and Adam!

    Toby & Layla

  • Graham

    Hey Guys Awesome video hit the nail on the head. Info overload. thanks for leaving excellent content on my facebook group talk soon Graham

  • Adam

    Great Video Guys!

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