How To Find Online MLM Success by Looking in the Mirror

By now if you have read anything by Layla and I you will know we are experts in growing our Online MLM business and increasing the Online MLM success of others by Attraction Marketing i.e. Article Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Target Marketing.

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As the title says Layla and I are going to talk about how to explode your MLM business online by simply looking in the mirror. We often share marketing tips and strategies to online MLM success, but this one is different. Ok you will have to utilize more online strategies than  just looking in the mirror but that’s where it start’s. And If you don’t know where to start, how are you going to get to the end?

As I was shaving today looking into the mirror on this Beautiful Canadian Thanksgiving morning, I was thinking you know our success only started to come about when we took a long look at WHO we are, WHO we want to be and how others perceive US.

In the beginning of our MLM career we would be chasing everyone that moved and breathed, friends, family members or even strangers off the street.  We would try to sell them to join us in our MLM business. We felt desperate and that is NO way to run your business if you want to find MLM success.

Layla and I started doing a lot of reading, books on self – development, the MLM Industry, the Guru’s in it, the mind and it’s wealth, and tons of ebooks on online marketing tips from  to Ad copy to SEO. Also around the same time we let go of emotions attached to prospecting, you know the “rollercoaster”. Of course we still had lots of passion for what we were doing and our company and the Industry as a whole. But we let go of the thinking that every person we prospected needed to join us so we can start making money.

Layla and I turned our mindset intothey need us”, NOT “we NEED them”.

Hence becoming the Hunted instead of the Hunter. – Mike Dillard.

When you are out and about prospecting do you make the common mistake of saying to your self “oh this person would be so good Network Marketing”? By doing this you put preconceived notions of success on to someone and when they turn out to do nothing you are crushed and the rollercoaster emotions starts again.

You should get this into your head and write this down “Those that you think will, won’t and those that you think won’t, will

How do you pump up your value level? How do you become the Hunted? How can you make yourself a Branded Leader on the Internet?

Knowledge is Power.

If you can speak to a prospect and teach them one thing they didn’t know about Online MLM Strategies, you have made yourself valuable. The undeniable truth is that most people are not marketing their MLM online properly. They are searching for online success, but have no idea where to look. If you can set yourself apart from this pack, and lead them to the promise land of free leads and teach them real marketing tips to generate traffic and sales, you become to Guru.

It all starts with the Mirror though. As you learn more, as you are taught by the best of the best, that person in the mirror will change. Your confidence will evolve, your posture will adapt, and suddenly people are calling YOU. This is what we all want, but how many of us have the determination to really get there?

The best way to change what you see in the mirror is by tapping into the exact systems that the online leaders are using. This business is not difficult if you copy the right people. Stop seeing yourself as a sales rep, and start seeing yourself as a consultant. You must have access to the tools that will lead any MLM Marketer to Online success.

This is how your reflection will change… and so will your paychecks.

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